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Bella Explains Why She Tolerates Sheggz Insùlts And Using H@rsh Words On Her (Video)


The big brother Naija level up season 7 housemate couple Bella and Sheggz who happened to be the most talked about couple in the house has explained why she tolerates his boyfriend name calling.


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She started by saying on a normal day she won’t tolerate the name calling from Sheggz, but because she loves Sheggz a lot she has to tolerate him.

Adding that she knows she is very stubborn and sometimes it comes out as disrespecting him and each times he complains she apologize because she loves him.

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Biggie went ahead to ask her if tolerating someone is because you love them? And she answered in the affirmative.



The most anticipated eviction of the show has just ended and Bella who was out for possible eviction was not evicted, she also feel surprised though as she talks about having that feelings that she might be evicted.

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Watch video below:

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