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“Why Will You Involve Bella’s Parents In A F1ght”- Doyin & Adekunle Tells Phyna, See Her Response (Video)


Some minutes ago in the Big Brother Naija house, Phyna who is currently the head of house got upset at Bella and Sheggz for having a conversation with Eloswag and Chomzy over yesterday’s food issue. As their argument got heated, Phyna asked Bella who trained her because her character is very poor. This statement offended Doyin and Adekunle who cautioned Phyna, telling her it’s not right because Bella’s parents are watching the show.


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The conversation/quarrel:

Bella: you must be very stup!d

Phyna: If not for big brother’s rules i for be@t you, bre@k your legs… If not for big brother rules you for don dey blee-d by now


Bella: You that is from the street

Phyna: I will be@t you and tell you that I’m from the street… You that is from London you dey drag food with street girl with correct English

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Phyna: I pitied the Person that tra@ined you… Who tr@ined you Bella? With your b@d Ch@racter, the person that tr@ined did not do a good job ..

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Phyna: why would Sheggz tell Groovy “Look at the kind of str££t girl you are dating

Phyna to Sheggz: Woman wrapper o, Dem go dey happy say dem born bouncing baby boy, dey rub powder up and down, Dem no know say na fvcking pu**y man… Stup!d..

Adekunle and Doyin to Phyna: Stop saying who trained her.. you are actually referring to her parents and they will feel b@d watching now

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Phyna: Let them watch the kind of girl they tr@ined so that they will learn from it…. Oh! Their parents will feel b@d, won’t my own parents feel b@d when they said I came from the street… I didn’t bring myself to this world, my own mother has em0tions too, she will feel b@d that she gave birth to me from the street.


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